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Tests Overview

MyConnection Server allows you to define tests, which can then be run using the applet or an RA. (More information)

The following tests have been configured for use on this server:

Test Your Network for VoIP

Run our complete VoIP test to ensure that your network is ready to support Nextiva service.
Simply select the average number of simultaneous calls for your business and start the test.

Please follow these instructions to email the results to your Nextiva representative:

  1. Once the test is completed, click on the "Advanced Tab" and scroll to the bottom.
  2. Click on the "View Text" link, it will pop up a new window.
  3. Highlight all the information in that pop up window and copy/paste it into an email to your Nextiva representative.
Custom Tests
VoIP Test - 10 Line [Run Test] ------[modify] [delete]
VoIP Test - 20 Lne [Run Test] ------[modify] [delete]
VoIP Test - 25 Line [Run Test] ------[modify] [delete]
VoIP Test - 30 Line [Run Test] ------[modify] [delete]
VoIP Test - 40 Line [Run Test] ------[modify] [delete]
VoIP Test - 50 Line [Run Test] ------[modify] [delete]
VoIP Test - 60 Line [Run Test] ------[modify] [delete]
VoIP Test - 70 Line [Run Test] ------[modify] [delete]
VoIP Test - 80 Line [Run Test] ------[modify] [delete]
VoIP Test - 90 Line [Run Test] ------[modify] [delete]
VoIP Test - High Capacity (100 Line) [Run Test] ------[modify] [delete]
VoIP Test - High Capacity (125 Line) [Run Test] ------[modify] [delete]

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