VoIP Readiness Assessment

MyConnection Server allows you to define tests, which can then be run using the applet or an RA. (More information)

For the most accurate network test, we recommend that you follow these guidelines:

  • If you are using desk phones, run the VoIP test over a hardwired network connection
  • If you are using soft phones or our mobile app, run the VoIP test on a wireless network connection
  • In either case, run the VoIP test during your standard business hours with typical network activity
Custom Tests
10 Line Test [Run Test] -[modify] [delete]
100 Line Test [Run Test] -[modify] [delete]
20 Line Test [Run Test] -[modify] [delete]
5 Line Test [Run Test] -[modify] [delete]
50 Line Test [Run Test] -[modify] [delete]
500 Line Test [Run Test] -[modify] [delete]
Capacity [Run Test] ----[modify] [delete]

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